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Yusibra Himalayan Salt

We are Himalayalan Salt processing plant since 2011 very well knowned as a leading exporter of Himalayan Salt Yusibra Salt factory is situated close to Himalayan Salt mines which assures availability of raw material in shortest time . YUSIBRA salt factory has food grade stainless steel plant where we assure metal free salt . Consumers of these products have found that YUSIBRA salt meets their expectations for taste and quality Actually YUSIBRA Yusibra Salt Factory offers you a wide range of food grade Himalayan Salt in diffrent sizes . At YUSIBRA Sal del Himalaya we always care about quality, cleanliness in the extraction and packaging process to offer an artisan product free of impurities. We provide complete service of private labeling also .

Quality Standards

Yusibra Salt mine is situated in Mari city on Kalabag road geographically known as range of Himalayan Salt mines.

We have wide range of Himalayan Salt as pink fine salt ,coarse pink salt ,black Himalayan salt ,perfumed salt.

We welcome third party inspection from our buyers before or during there order .

For your better health, we provide you with better salt.

Yusibra Salt blocks helps to draw out toxins and impurities from the body.

Mining -Processing & Export


We will be happy to take you with us and show how Himalayan salt mines are and how we get Himalayan rocks transported to our Plant .


Once we transport Himalayan salt rocks to our plant we wash each rock before crushing in our stainless steel plant .


After crushing and separation by size we pack Himalayan salt in 25 kg bags and load them into container .

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Mining & Processing of Himalayan Rock Salt Company in Pakistan since 2011.

Yusibra salt factory is the leading miner, processor and exporter in Pakistan where we supply perfect natural Himalayan Salt to our customer’s wide range of packing facility with customize labelling from one jar to containers.