Minerals Himalayan

Pink Salt Crystals Pink salt is natural and Himalayan will give healthy, common salt dishes that touch and flavor. It contains special compounds that are characteristic chemicals due to the nature of Himalayan crystals.

The Himalayan pink salt seasoning comes from the Himalayan mines in Pakistan which have a The salt is more than 84 old of 250 million minerals, including this age.

It has a different composition from the rest of the sea salt. BENEFITS.

At Yusibra Salt Factory, Himalayan crystals are processed with the highest quality standards, so that the consumer has a 100% natural product.


Salt is natural and healthy, common salt contains chemical compounds due to the way it is processed.


Salt has more than 84 minerals, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper, and iron.


It helps in the metabolization of proteins and carbohydrates. Regulates blood pressure. Promotes the formation of bone tissues

Yusibra Salt Factory

Somos una planta de sal del Himalaya situada en Pakistan con valores de ética, honestidad y compromiso en todos sus aspectos. Agradecemos a nuestros clientes por su confianza, ayudándonos a realizar y consolidar este gran proyecto de Yusibra Salt Factory, donde fabricamos variedad de productos con sal del Himalaya.